Hi Vis Work Jacket Review

Hi vis jackets are incredibly versatile and common in a wide variety of different industries. Security guards, cleaners, rail workers and engineers are just some of the people who wear them on a daily basis. But while many hi vis jackets look the same there are in fact some important differences to know about.


Your basic hi vis jacket is not going to be the same as a more expensive one, is it? The materials used, the shape, the extra features, and the illumination are all things to consider when buying a hi vis jacket. But to help you find out which is best for you below I’ve reviewed some of the most popular hi vis jackets available.


Hi Vis Work Jacket – From Ace Work Gear


Let’s start with the traditional choice, shall we? This classic hi vis work jacket from Ace Work Gear is a pretty no-frills affair but basic doesn’t always mean bad does it? If you’re on a budget or simply want decent comfort and good levels of illumination then this hi vis jacket is a great choice.


It’s available in a wide range of sizes, two classic colours yellow and orange and is fully waterproof as well. You also get a range of pockets, a concealed hood, and a plush quilted interior so you can stay warm while outdoors. It might be the no thrills choice but it does the job and in my opinion, it does it very well.


Hi Vis Two-Tone Jacket – From Stand Safe Ltd


With its yellow and grey colouring this hi vis jacket as a more stylish look! You might not see it on the runway but it’s certainly more stylish than the average hi vis jacket. It’s made with a waterproof and breathable material that gives you complete comfort in any environment.


It also features adjustable cuffs, a zip-up phone pocket, and a concealed hood. You also get a slimmer profile with this jacket which makes it more form fitting which is sure to come in handy for certain occupations like security guards for example. If you want a more fashionable hi vis jacket for a fair price then this is a great choice.


Hi Vis All-Weather Pilot Jacket – From Portwest


This hi vis jacket offers something a little different! A hi vis pilot jacket is the perfect combination of style and comfort and the classic pilot jacket shape really complements the hi vis material by Portwest. This hi vis jacket also comes with a wide array of extra features including a removal fur lining, collar and knitted cuffs.


That’s just for starters though this jacket also includes extra-secure zip-up pockets, a hidden phone pocket, and a D-ring. It’s also available in a range of sizes and don’t worry the reflective capabilities aren’t weakened in the slightest due to the shape and style of the jacket. Offering a more unusual style and an eye-catching look this hi vis pilot jacket is sure to be a great choice.


Hi Vis Reversible Body Warmer – From Pulsar


Another great alternative to the standard hi vis jacket! This hi vis reversible bodywarmer is two garments in one and that gives it even more versatility and flexibility. With a simple inside/ out movement you can transform this hi vis jacket into a class grey bodywarmer. But just because this is two coats in one that doesn’t mean it’s not an effective piece of hi vis clothing!


The hi vis panelling offers all the extra safety and protection you could need but that’s not all it also comes packed with some impressive features including zip-off fully detachable sleeves, a flip-out ID holder, and a micro fleece collar for extra warmth and comfort. Whatever the weather is this body warmer will never fail to keep you comfortable.


Hi Vis Orange Bomber Jacket – From Exclusive Brand


Another great choice for someone looking for a hi vis jacket on a budget! This classic orange bomber jacket will be comfortable in any environment and it’s fully waterproof as well. Made from polyester and nylon this jacket might be a little on the no thrills side but it certainly has everything you could need.


Features include a strong heavy duty zip, a more flexible elasticated waist, an integrated hood, a mobile phone pocket, and extra inner pockets. So, just because it’s a more budget friendly choice that doesn’t mean you’ll be left without all the necessities and some nice additional extras.


So, that’s a look at five very different hi vis jackets. Like I said earlier no two hi vis jackets are really the same each manufacturer has their own benefits so don’t be afraid to try out a few different options before deciding which hi vis jacket is best for you. Colour is also something to consider and many of these hi vis jackets come in a variety of different colours including yellow, orange and blue. So, choose your hi vis jacket and its colour carefully.

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