Having Your Hair Look Nice

Afro hair

Afro hair

Afros in Houston is here to give you guys the type of skill that we have wanted for all of our sites! We have been in this business for many, many years, and we know what it takes to give you a good ‘fro and an excellent “WOAH”! This is what we do at Houston; we give you the afros that will make you feel great and will allow you to have the look that you have been dreaming of! Now, many of you girls may think that a man having an afro is something that may not be the move/ However, a man that maintains his afro is something that is definitely a great sight to see. I personally think it is quite noble and quite successful.

Just like Leaf mentions, afro hair is beautiful when it is in its naturally kinky, coily state. Your afro hair can be twistouts, braids, and can be in a nice wrap. If you want to have nice afros, you need to make sure you have your scalp clean, so that it is not dirty or smell funky. You want to make sure that the afro comes with a beautifully cleaned and well-maintained scalp. You can take care of your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Washing hair with “-sulfate” shampoo, strips the hair of its natural oils. If it is possible, be able to have the conditioner stay in the hair for at least 30 minutes, because it allows the conditioner to have enough time to sink into and soften the strands of hair.

Next, be sure to get a bottle of spray, one cup of some aloe butter juice, some tablespoons of some sauce, and some drops of oil. On top of that, be sure to detangle your hair with a detangling brush. Next, be sure to add a clear alcohol-free holding gel to your hair, and make it sure it is comfortable to your hair and is comfortable to the palm of your hand. When you decide to detangle your hair with a brush, it makes your hair look so much bigger and look so much larger, which is a plus, because it makes your hair seem healthy and long. You want to make sure that your hair look healthy, and longer hair tends to look like healthier hair.

Rub a good amount of Shea butter into your hands, have it melt, and then make the Shea butter rub through the ends for the hair, especially creaming around the ends, because the ends have to look nice; people see the ends and the angles of the hair, so be sure t

o cream those ends. After you finish with your hair maintenance procedure, be sure to rub your hands your fluffy and amazing hair. You will be able to smile when you see the results of your labors, your efforts, and your hair. You deserve to be smiling, and you deserve to be happy with the hair that you have created for yourself.


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