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I just want to keep it blunt because we know exactly what this site is about don’t we? If you do not, then you are oblivious. This site represents everything afros in Houston. Now you may be questioning what this means and what this means is if you got an afro and live in Houston you better flaunt it honey bobo! We are an activist group that is dead set on showing girls beauty through afros.

Many girls do not think afros are beautiful and that is preposterous and that is why our site is here. We are here to prove that afros are one of the most elaborate hairstyles out to date and by getting one you definitely will look like a brand new person. This ties into one of our biggest problems looks. Many people think or perceive an afro as old-school or old news. Many people believe it or not do not see afros as a stylish hair style anymore. Saying that afros are not stylish is just outrageous and needs some type of remark towards that type of statement. Afros are illustrious and puffy, very, very puffy. Just by having one you are definitely going to feel a-lot different guaranteed. When you tell yourself that you are not going to be getting an afro you are depriving yourself of something awesome, and not just because we are an afro company does not mean you can slander the beauty of an afro. We are grateful that you have landed on our site because now we get to educate you on afros. We will tell you what is and what isn’t afros and why afros are so important to the community and for a person’s self. Afros have a lot of uses and not being able to fully appreciate the hair style kind of deprives a person of the satisfaction of an afro. We just want you guys to have a broad understanding of why Afros are totally necessary. We would also like for you guys to have an understanding of the following points too:

    1. The background of afros?
    2. What ethnicity popularized afro?
    3. Why afros have started to die down?
    4. What type of change afros have made to society as a whole?


  • Would society look how does today if afros never existed?


These are the type of questions that we want you to find conclusions to. We will help assist you guys along the way; in the end we will allow you to draw your own conclusions to why afro hairstyles are not very popularized in society anymore. We are hoping that you guys draw answers that are articulated and actually hold weight. We know that you guys are definitely smart enough to process different answers and then add them up to find your own justifications. That is what Afro Houston is all about self-teaching individuals to be great and find answers on their own. We know you guys will definitely enjoy learning about afro history!

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